Pedodontics (or Pediatric Dentistry) is the branch of Dentistry related to the treatment of children.
The aim of Pedodontics is to explain to the children and their parents the correct oral hygiene procedures as well as a proper diet to avoid the onset of decays; moreover, Pediatric Dentistry deals with the treatment of children’s teeth.

The mental and physical approaches have the purpose to overcome what scares child patients and are characterized by conversation and fast, non-invasive, painless therapies. Despite they will be substituted by permanenbt teeth, it is paramount to treat milky teeth as well. Their damage due to decays or early missing can cause more severe problems, just like the misalignment of permanent teeth.
Therefore, according to each clinical situation, Pedodontics deals with all the branches of Dentistry, with the only exception of Osseointegrated Implantology , since the placement of oral implants is definitely not recommended before young patients complete the skeletal growth

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