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Many types of electric toothbrushes have evolved in the last decade. Each of them has peculiar characteristics that divide the audience on which one is the best.

Water jet or ultrasonic? Is it suitable for children? Are there specific models for them? The main manufacturers of household appliances, including Philips, Braun, Oral B, etc, have a very broad reference audience. People surf the Web daily and review their purchases done via Amazon or eBay, talking about power source (batteries or power supply?) and raising doubts on subjects of practical or technical nature: Is it admitted in hand baggages? Is it possible to use an electric toothbrush during the orthodontic therapy?

We come to the question: does the electric toothbrush – with its oscillating head – really clean the teeth better than the classic manual toothbrush? We think the problem is not choosing one or the other, but the way you brush your teeth. That is to say that you can get good results in your domestic oral hygiene using both the electric toothbrush or the manual one. Just as it is possible over time to damage gums and erode the enamel because of a bad use of the toothbrush, regardless of whether it is electric or not.

But my dentist had told me that the electric toothbrush is better!

Many excellent professionals prefer the electric toothbrush and there is an equivalent number that would recommend the old manual toothbrush. Dentists themselves often do not agree about which type of toothbrush is the best, so it is possible to say that there is no clear difference between one and the other technology. Thr important factor is the way the toothbrush is used. In this sense all dentists agree.

How to brush your teeth properly?

Finally we can say it: movement is the defining factor of correct or incorrect oral hygiene.

Remember that the lateral surface of the teeth should be brushed by moving the bristles from the gingiva to the tooth (Bass technique) without using too much force. The occlusal area can be treated more vigorously, but without excessive energy. In any case it is always advisable for your dentist to show you the correct technique.

What happens when you brush your teeth in the wrong way?

Many everyday gestures become mechanical habits. We always recommend not to brush your teeth on “automatic pilot”, but to do it carefully. In fact, a small single wrong movement could be repeated unknowingly a huge number of times and cause gum recessions or inflammation. Even in the absence of tartar, it can cause enamel wear and ruin the natural protection of the teeth. It is not uncommon for patients the need for damaged teeth restorations. Often esthetic composite restorations are enough. In the most complex cases, dental veneers or crowns are required when teeth have been damaged simply by incorrect brushing technique.

Our advice, as always, is to be well informed on homemadeoral hygiene, asking the dentist for advice on the correct movements and especially brushing the teeth carefully each time, without haste and if possible without distractions.

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