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Fear of losing dental Veneers


It is clear, now more than ever, that patients require dental veneers because they want to feel better about themselves, they want to feel more beautiful and more gratified of their physical appearance. All aesthetical prosthesis world responds to this necessity, giving patients the dazzling smile they asked for. One of the most common questions that precedes the applying of veneers deals with their grip. How can I prevent dental veneers from tearing off or wearing? This is the question to which we are going to give an answer in this page.

Why do we resort to dental veneers?

Usually the reasons that lead to the use of dental veneers to resolve an aesthetical problem are essentially attributed to three causes:

1) A trauma that may have broken a tooth;

2) A congenital condition (for example: spots on teeth, space between incisors, etc.);

3) Denatl wear during time.

If the first two causes (traumatic and congenital) are not controllable, predictable or preventable, the dental wear that brings teeth to consumption is linked to a serie of bad habits, due to the stress. These habits can be deleted. You only have to be aware of the necessity to achieve the loosening and the relax to regain presence.

Why do teeth wear?

Usually dental wear is due to natural causes during the passage of time. Obviously some people have more sturdy teeth, while others have less strong teeth, but with the passage of time it is natural for teeth aesthetic to change ( in color or in shape). In some cases, dental wear is due to some conditions (nervous ones), linked to stress and tension.

Night grinding

Bruxism can be related to sleep disorders. It happens in the second sleep phase and it deals with the contraction of the masticatory muscles. These contractions aperta produce teeth’s rubbing, which can even wake up someone who’s sleeping nearby. This phenomenon is nervous and, in some cases, the enamel wears to the point of exposing the dentine, facilitating further dental wear.

Biting your fingernails or chewing pens

Even the persistent habit of biting fingernails or chewing pens, in the long run, is deleterious for incisors, canines and molars (as well as of course for nails and pens!). These phenomena are clearly linked to annoyance and stress and they can be kept under control with diligence, awareness and willpower.

Brushing teeth with and exaggerated intensity 

Sometimes, zeal’s surplus can cause opposite effect to the ones expected. Washing teeth with an exaggerated intensity can abrade the enamel causing serious damages for all the teeth. Surfing the net you can see videos in which it is showed how to correctly clean your teeth. In any case we suggest our patients to do not be in a hurry and to brush teeth with calm and awareness of the facts.

Calm, serenity, peace, loosening and relax

Anyhow, dental veneers are positioned so you do not run the risk of them falling off because of chewing or stress-linked movements. Usually, it is the best practice to correct bad habits, that can cause attrition and enamel’s wear. Generally, relax and everything that helps you to let go, are the invitation for all the patents that show the behaviors mentioned above because of stress and tension, that could possibly lead to enamel’s wear and veneers’ loss.

How long do dental veneers last?

If kept with attention, dental veneers can last even for more than ten years. Ceramic veneers’ lasting depends upon the type of used material, their position, patients’ habits and upon the attention paid in their cure and maintenance, that will happen following dentistry advices. A very positive aspect of ceramic veneers is that they do not change color during the passage of time and they do not spot; moreover they have a high resistance, that makes it very difficult for them to break.

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